• 24 Sep

    Are you being sued or harassed by Autovest?

    September 24th, 2019

    If Autovest is suing or harassing you contact our office for help!  If you have been sued by Autovest for a debt or deficiency balance, they may be using unlawful means to collect the debt allowing you to defend this lawsuit.    Autovest is a debt buyer and purchases accounts from original creditors and then seeks to collect on the full balance of the deficiency.  It's important to contact an experienced debt defense lawyer to properly review your case and determine your defenses.  Don't assume you owe Autovest any money until you have had your case ...

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  • 26 Mar


    March 26th, 2017

    We previously blogged about our client who found out she had a judgment against her from a 2007 Cach, LLC Miami lawsuit.  Client had no knowledge of the case and denied being served with the lawsuit.  Our office filed a Motion to Quash Service of Process and Vacate Final Default Judgment.  After an evidentary hearing, the court granted our motion.  

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  • 15 Mar

    Portfolio Recovery Lawsuit DISMISSED

    March 15th, 2017

    Our office was recently retained by a client who was sued in Miami Dade by Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC for a credit card debt.  She informed us of some personal issues she was having that resulted in her not being able to keep up with some of her debt payments.  Many of her debts were sold and transferred between different debt collectors.  Our office immediately went to work reviewing her case and noticed numerous issues with the lawsuit and exhibits attached.  We've also litigated and sued Portfolio Recovery Associates on numerous other cases and ...

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  • 26 Feb

    $1,615.90 Portfolio Recovery Associates Lawsuit Dismissed

    February 26th, 2017

    A returning client of ours recently was served with a Broward County debt lawsuit filed by Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC.  Although the amount of the lawsuit wasn't a huge amount of money, we were pretty confident that we could get the client a good outcome and save her money.  Since her other case resulted in a dismissal, we felt the bar was set high in this new case.  The case was in small claims court where more lenient rules of procedure apply, yet we felt confident that we could take on Portfolio Recovery Associates attorneys, Hayt, Hayt, ...

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  • 29 Apr

    $10,000 Discover Credit Card Lawsuit Settled For Fraction of Total Amount

    April 29th, 2015

    Recently my office was able to negotiate a settlement of a Broward County credit card lawsuit that was brought by Discover Card.  Before I reveal the amount of the settlement I want to take a brief  moment to explain the two different types of cases that come through my office and the difference between them.The first type of case is what is called an original creditor cases.  These cases are filed by the company that directly loans money to the debtor/defendant.  The name of the Plaintiff in this type of case would be American ...

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  • 17 Mar

    $8,000 Portfolio Recovery Lawsuit Gets Dismissed

    March 17th, 2016

    It’s always nice to get my client a better results than they expect.  Today,  I had my most recent victory against Portfolio Recovery Associates.  Portfolio Recovery Associates sued my client seeking more than $8,000 as a result of an alleged credit card debt.    After receiving the debt lawsuit, the client hired The Law Office of Shaya Markovic, P.A. to defend his credit card lawsuit. During the initial consultation, the client said that in order to make the case go away he was willing to make a payment of a few thousand dollars. Our office ...

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