Portfolio Recovery Lawsuit DISMISSED

March 15th, 2017 

Our office was recently retained by a client who was sued in Miami Dade by Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC for a credit card debt.  She informed us of some personal issues she was having that resulted in her not being able to keep up with some of her debt payments.  Many of her debts were sold and transferred between different debt collectors.  Our office immediately went to work reviewing her case and noticed numerous issues with the lawsuit and exhibits attached.  We've also litigated and sued Portfolio Recovery Associates on numerous other cases and they know how we fight for our clients.  We contacted opposing counsel on this case and were successful in obtaining a dismissal of the client's case. This means the client didn't have to pay any amount to the debt collector including the amount of the lawsuit, costs or attorney fees.  

If you have been sued by Portfolio Recovery Associates in Miami or Broward county, call The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, PA at (786)529-2176.  We are a Hollywood Florida credit card lawsuit defense law firm aggressively defending clients sued by debt collectors.    We provide free consultations, flat fees and payment plans, and are available nights and weekends.    


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