Free Consultations, Low Fees & Payment Plans

The Law Office of Shaya Markovic, P.A. focuses on representing consumers that are being sued or harassed for a debt. The office handles cases in the following areas: Debt Defense and Harassment, Unwanted Cell Phone Calls, and Personal Injury. If you would like to obtain a free consultation for your case and see how my office can help you, call (786)529-2176. The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, P.A. is consumer focused with reasonably priced representation and allows for payment plans.

Credit Card Lawsuit? Debt Collection?

Have you received a summons for a debt or from a credit card company? My office fights debt lawsuits and their attorneys. I provide free consultations and will advise how to best defend your case. If you do nothing, the court will enter a judgement against you and may result in your wages and bank accounts garnished or repossession and liens on your property. We have many different legal defenses that we can raise to best defend your case. Call (786)529-2176 for a free consultation.

Are You Being Harassed About a Debt?

Debt collectors are known to employ misleading and deceptive means to collect debts. Many times their actions are illegal. Debt collectorscan not harass you! If you feel you are being harassed by a debt collector call my office for a free consultation! I sue debt collectors for harassment and handle these cases at no charge to you!

Receiving Unwanted Calls on Your Cellphone?

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) prohibits debt collectors and telemarketers from using an auto dialar, leaving a prerecorded message or sending unwanted text messages to your cell phone without your prior express consent. A consumer can recover up to $1,500 for each and every call made. If you are receiving unwanted cell phone calls or believe you are a victim of a TCPA violation contact my office for a free consultation.

Traffic Tickets? Suspended License?

If you have received a citation or have a suspended license my office can help fight your ticket! Paying a ticket will result in points being assessed against you license. You have defenses and rights available to you! If you have received any citation in South Florida and want representation, call my office to see how I can help you. Speeding, Driving While License Suspended, Red Light, Running a Stop Sign, Reckless Driving, DUI, DWI, any Florida Traffic Citation. Hollywood Traffic Ticket, Halandale Traffic Ticket, Miami Traffic Ticket, Fort Lauderdale Traffic Ticket