Unwanted Cell Phone Calls and Texts

Unwanted Cell Phone Calls and Texts


Did you know that under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act ("TCPA"), that it is illegal for anyone to contact you using an automatic telephone dialer without your consent?  

If you have ever had a past due credit card, medical bill or owe any company money, there is a good chance you received collection calls. If you never provided your phone number to the collector or you asked them to stop calling your cell phone you may be entitled to $500 to $1500 for each and every phone call or text message your received.  Debt collectors don't just call once, but rather they will often call dozens of times.  As you could calculate, $500 - $1500 per phone call ads up quickly.  Sometimes companies make mistakes and call the wrong number, but getting off the call list is next to impossible and you continue to receive calls.   We may be able to stop the calls and get money in your pocket!   

Violations under the TCPA include: 

  • Companies are required to have their own “Do Not Call Lists” to which you can ask to be added.
  • Sending unsolicited text messages
  • Calling a cell phone using an Automatic Telephone Dialer System without prior consent from the consumer.
  • Calling a cell phone using a pre-recorded voice with prior consent from the consumer. 


 If you have received calls or text messages that you never consented to receive, call our office for a free consultation! Even if you did agree, we can help you, just call now to see what we can do! Our Hollywood Florida debt defense firm is open ready to assist you! Call us at (786)529-2176. We have helped thousands of our clients and look forward to helping you.