Hollywood & Miami Bankruptcy Lawyers

The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic is located Hollywood, Florida and offers a full service debt defense options, whether it's defending a lawsuit in court or sometimes giving clients  a fresh start by considering bankruptcy options.  

Do you find that you are struggling with a large amount of debt and your income just isn't enough to keep up with the payments?   Sometimes the best option for a client is getting a financial fresh start.  The United States Bankruptcy Code provides for options for consumers to get rid of their debt with the filing of bankruptcy or in some cases just reorganizing their debt.  

There are two types of bankruptcies available to consumers: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.  Each of these options have their own useful purposes and should be considered depending on debt levels and income.  

CHAPTER 7 Bankruptcy- 

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common bankruptcy options and also the most straightforward option.  If you qualify for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy then in as little as 3 months you can have most or all of your debts discharged in a bankruptcy filing.  However, not everyone qualifies for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  You must meet certain criteria under the "means test"  to determine if this option is available for you.  My office can help you determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and if not then see if Chapter 13 would be a better option.  

Even if you file for Chapter 7 an individual is permitted to keep certain exempt possessions.  Likewise, not all debt is dischargable in bankruptcy.  If you feel overwhelmed with your debts, contact The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic for a fee consultation.  The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, PA, handles Miami Bankruptcy cases and Broward Bankruptcy cases, we are available nights and weekends.  Call us at (786)529-2176


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows for a consumer to renegotiate his debt with creditors with a repayment plan.  Over the course of three to five years, the consumer continues to make payments on the debt, and at the completion of the payment plan the debt is discharged. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as the "wage earner plan", as it applies to individuals whose income is higher than would allow for a Chapter 7 filing.  To find out if you qualify for a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing call The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, PA for a free consultation.  Our Office is located in Hollywood, Florida and provides free consultations and are available nights or weekends.  Call us at (786)529-2176.