Midland Funding LLC Bio

Midland Funding LLC Bio


The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, PA , located in Hollywood Florida, defends consumers from lawsuits brought by Midland Funding, LLC and other Midland affiliated companies in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.  If Midland violates consumer protection laws such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act we will bring a lawsuit on your behalf.  Call (786)529-2176 for a free consultation

The Law Office of Shaya Markovic, P.A. has fought thousands of debt collector cases included Midland Funding lawsuits.  We have been able to get many of these cases dismissed without the client having to pay any money to Midland.  Although they are one of the largest debt collectors in the country, a good defense will go a long way in obtaining the best result possible in a midland lawsuit case.  Midland has their own in house counsel in South Florida to represent them in many cases but they are also known to hire outside counsel such as Cooling & Winter to represent them in their cases.  Many times these outside law firms are more aggressive.   Not only have fought Midland Funding lawsuits in Miami Dade, but we have also sued them for violating consumer protection laws.  


Midland Funding, LLC is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group one of the largest publicly traded debt collectors in the United States. Midland is listed as a registered Consumer Collection Agency under Florida law.  their business model consists of purchasing huge amounts of debt portfolios, many times in the billions of dollars, for a fraction of the debt amount. In 2013 alone they filed 239,000 lawsuits.  They are a foreign limited liability company with their principal place of business in San Diego, CA.  They use both their own attorneys in Florida to file debts as well as retain outside counsel such as Cooling & Winter, LLC

If you have received any communication from Midland Funding, LLC contact a Miami debt defense law firm. It's important that your first step is to speak with an experienced attorney. The Law Offices of Shaya Markovic, PA, is a Hollywood, Florida debt defense law firm.  We provide free consultations, low flat fees and can be reached at at (786) 529-2176.  Call our offices to see how we can fight Midland Funding on your behalf